Leiras: A Prison of Predictions

With his first full-length album, Berlin-based producer Leiras (aka Marcos Leiras Santo) takes us into the hypnotic landscape of his vision of techno. The album is released on OWNLIFE, the producers own platform. It’s no coincidence that the release is #11. As the sleeve of the record says: 11 is a master number. Leiras affinity towards the occult and beyond also expresses itself the title of the project: “A Prison of Predictions”.

No shocker that the album consists of 11 tracks. Opener “Albino Species” starts with a beautiful melody and sets the mood for the whole album. Its melodic signature will appear again towards the end of the album and close the bracket. “A Prison of Predictions” is not a purely conceptual piece, but is best understood as a sequenced narrative of sounds. A2 “Orion Sentinel” gets us lost in a looped labyrinth. With each track the album enriches its complexity. Track by track the clear sounds turns dirtier. Leiras produces techno that seems to be designed for Europe’s well-known concrete clubs. He crafts pieces of precision and beauty, that breath the air of sweaty and dusty dancefloors. His sound is not new, but his sound sculptures are thought-through, all exploration of trance states. The out-of-this-world appeal reaches a peak in B3 “Post Cognition”, a short track with just 2:20 minutes, nevertheless committed to celestial sounds and the grandezza, that only exists in the darkness of techno.

This darkness iterates into a more dancefloor oriented, almost acid-y appeal on the second half of the album. Leiras gets his groove and delivers quirky loops. His take on electronica oscillates between rave and IDM, never leaving the path that the whole album is committed to.

“A Prison of Predictions” stands out with its sometimes short, but always well-crafted explorations of themes that are best-located in techno. An album for lovers of versatile, intelligent techno.


A1 Albino Species
A2 Orion Sentinel
A3 Hands Gestuality
B1 33 Degree
B2 Marks and Emblems
B3 Post Cognition
C1 Remote Vision
C2 Balbeek
C3 Imperceptible
D1 Communication Skills
D2 Across The Symbolism

Label: Ownlife
Release Date: 22.01.2018

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