The Chick’s Cakes: the french pastries revolution

Cupcakes are the epitome of baked goods for you? Then you never tried one of the little french delicacies from Lise Mignon‘s The Chick‘s Cake.


After she studied fine arts in Rennes (France) and came to Berlin for the sake of love, she didn‘t really know what to expect from a city, that she remembered as rather grey from a trip. Ignoring the warning of a friend that „Berlin is over“, she proofs herself how much is possible when you bake while dancing on a volcano.

The idea is pretty simple:
Presenting and selling her home-made pastries and cakes on flea markets and events, networking a bit and most of all: showing Berlin, that there is so much apart from cupcakes and Apfelkuchen. (Which is her favourite German cake, though).
Her love for food is striking: „That‘s one of the best things about life, next to sex. Food!“ Grumpy and anxious German‘s are sometimes a bit afraid to try something new, as she says. But if you get over yourself to have a bite of her cakes and sweets, you will go on a journey to traditional french patisserie, that is authentic and natural, without being passive-aggressively vegan.

 After a short time in a french bakery here in Berlin, she was frustrated about frozen cakes and working hours that fucked up her day. She decided to become a freelance baker. With the knowledge of her family, the care packages of her mother and some help from blogs, her little culinary endeavour is a constant process of trying new things with original french products and natural ingredients (not because that‘s cool, but simply because it tastes better). Every cake has a story, that Lise is more than happy to tell you if you try it. Her mission is complete, when she can share her love for food with other people and see them enjoying something they never tried before. Yes, she does great cupcakes as well. But there is so much more to discover:

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Actually a performance artist, she is seeking ways to combine both professions. For her, art and cooking are close, cooking can turn into a performance and patisserie is the perfect field for aesthetic adventures. Experiments with live cooking and customized pastries are in her mind. When she said „I love colour based cooking!“, the french nonchalant attitude vanished and enthusiasm made her voice cracking.
Both artistic directions are interwoven in naming and soon in practice: The Chick‘s Cakes derives from her performer persona, La Poullette.

How much of a synaesthetic artwork each of her creations are, is something you need to discover yourself – but the pictures look yummy, don‘t they?

Lise was so nice to write down a recipe for her langues de chat, have fun trying it:

Französische Katzenzungen / Langues de chat
for approximately 40 pieces


75gr butter
85gr powdered sugar (puderzucker)
60gr flour
2 eggs white
vanilla extract

Turn your oven on at around 140°

Melt completely the butter.
Mix it up in a bowl with the powdered sugar.
Add one after the other the egg whites in the bowl, and finally, the flour.
Add vanilla to your taste.
When the dough is ready, put it in a pastry bag. On an anti-adhesive sheet or silicone
sheet, poach little sticks of dough (around 5cm long).
Be careful to keep your anti adhesive/silicone sheet really flat or the dough will trickle and the katzenzungen will stick together.
When ready, put in the oven for around 6min, until the sides of the sticks are coloured.
After taking them out of the oven, wait a few minutes for them to dry and move them in a dry box with a metallic spatula.
You can keep them for 4 to 5 days in a dry box.
Am besten mit Kaffee!

You want to meet the french baking artist? Watch out for her on flea markets or get in touch with her about french pastries infusion for your vernissage, wedding, birthday, party…
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