Music, fucking fucking music. That’s what Casau has put together for the first installment of DJ Crush, a new series here on the blog featuring, well, a good DJ crush. Casau may not be the busiest bee in the hive when it comes to public appearances. But he sure is a selector and producer of both craft and appeal – therefore perfect nerd crush. Tracks that evoke goose bumps and memories of dancing on the wooden dance floor of, you know where. I wanna see you sit still, when Tyree blends into Kerrie Chandler. If you’re looking for a sound track for your summer affair, you’ve found it. And now listen to this:

What’s your current music crush?

At the moment I am enjoying a lot the new album by Brooklyn based Cuban artist Cienfuegos, is called Autogolpe and is an amazing combination of raw and aggro electronic music, I really really like it.

When and where did you record the mix?

I recorded the mix a couple of weeks ago in my basement studio.

Tell us a bit about your selection.

It’s a selection of my latest house records, which contains some of the most precious purchases in my collection. Like some very rare to find UK garage hit by Ordinary People, and quite a few classics that I always like to play, the set is 98% vinyl, the remaining two percent corresponds to my own material not yet but soon to be released on plastic.

What did not make it into the mix?

A lot of stuff actually, I wanted to add some gritty new school house like the new label by RS94109 or and some old Zack Toms that did not arrive on time for the recording (Damn you DHL!)  i always have a feeling there are many things left out but that’s also a nice thing, one can always fit it in the next recording.

In your mix, you go through different decades of house classics. What’s the most underrated part of the history of the genre right now?

That’s a complicated question… in a way I think there are always people up for a certain style, so overrating and underrating are in most cases a product of popularity,  because even if the general perception is that, for instance, certain type of house music is a bit forgotten or less made at the moment, if you dig enough you will always find incredible artist on that field.

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