Zine: Fuck fashion.

Auszug aus dem Zine Fuck Fashion:



Are you wearing socks? is what I’m asking myself, when I see you your feet in the sneakers, dancing up and down, connected to a beat, like a marionette, dancing to the music that makes you sweat. Flickering stroboscopic artifacts. Is it too hot in their? Do you wanna take off your shoes, do you wanna borrow me your shoe, so I can smell? I don’t wanna think about the bacteria – but I should thank them for producing an odor, that is not off.
So let’s just jerk.


# the first fetishes have developed around clothes, more precisely: satin. It was satin in the 19th century that was an object of sexual desire.

# Fabric is still hot for al lot of people.

# fashion is not just a necessity, it is an act of communication. Unavoidable and ever so gently added aesthetic value.

# Is sex necessary?

# the biggest industries in capitalism are porn, pharma and weapons – why? Because what’s surpressed is feeding the economical system. Neither glamour nor fashion are important for capitalism: it is sex, sickness and violence. They’re human conditions.

# random examples of items that are part of the sex-fashion-matrix:
Sport socks
Satin pants
Dress shoes without socks

# fetishization is the decontextualization of an item. It is to detach signifier and signified from each other, at least so much, that there is space for a new meaning. A sexual nuance. Another layer of meaning, one that can be touched gently before taken away again. To think of something as hot, to make it an object of desire, is to rewrite it’s history.



Auf Einladung der Veranstalter von Pornceptual haben Miguel Jara und ich am letzten Samstag während eines “erotic afternoon” ein Zine präsentiert. Fuck Fas
besteht aus einem Notiz-Manifest, vier Kurzgeschichten + Illustrationen. Das Zine ist das zweite Ergebnis unserer Zine-Kollobaration. Unser Pilot, The Bestiarium of Ex-Monsters erschien pünktlich zum Zine-Fest im November und ist ebenfalls online erhältlich. Garantierte Lieferung bis Weihnachten, für alle, die queer-kinky-DIY-Spaß verschenken wollen.


Illustration: Miguel Jara.
Zine im Shop kaufen.

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