Shift lädt morgen Abend zu einem kleinen Zusammenkommen in seinen gekachelten Räumen, um die Konferenz „Resonances. Music, Affect and the City“ des BerMuDa Lab und des Max-Planck-Instituts für Bildungsforschung wortwörtlich ein bisschen nachklingen zu lassen. Szene trifft auf Akademia trifft auf Neugierige.

Neben einer ganzen Menge Soundinstallationen, gibt es ab 23.00 Uhr Musik von Shift-Residents und geladenen Gästen.

Man muss also keine Ahnung von so schwammigen Begriffen wie „affective turn“ haben, sondern nur Ohren:


21h – 23h
Featuring phonographies by:
• John Luther Adams, „In the Rain“
• Christina Kubisch, „Homage with Minimal Disinformation“
• Gilles Aubry, „Les écoutis le caire“
• Betsey Biggs
• Ernst Karel
• Christopher DeLaurenti, „Live at Occupy Wall Street“
• Julia Yezbick
• Ali Colleen Neff
• Peter McMurray

23h – ??
Featuring music by:
• Myako (DJ) (comfortzone/3.14) Paris
• Blue Reed (live set) (3.14) Berlin
• Irakli (DJ) (I/Y, Moments) Berlin


On the occasion of BerMuDa Labs, Shift invites you to join an academic get-together with conference participants after the first day of „RESONANCES: MUSIC, AFFECT, AND THE CITY“ hosted by the Max Planck Institute For Human Development Berlin, in cooperation with Harvard University’s Sawyer Seminar.

Reflecting on the experiences and impressions of conducting scholarly research on contemporary music, this event will give insight to reports, research and discussions involving Berlin’s dance music scenes.

Experts and guests will both have the chance to continue this exchange of knowledge outside the confines of a strictly programmed conference and in the relaxed, spontaneous atmosphere of a club night, ending a day of academic discussion with personal fieldwork in the practices of getting-together.

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