Notes on Escapism

Death is something we try to exclude from life.

On this blog, I‘ve published a lot of times texts that tried to decry the escapism that keeps a big part of the young and beautiful people of this city captive. To hold a mirror up to the people who frequently use a place that has no mirrors to get fucked up, is hard. The texts here tried to proclaim the potential in all of us, that our generation is blowing out of our brains with powder. Wit and eloquence don‘t seem appropriate anymore. It is hard to see that you‘re part of a vicious circle, when you‘re in it. Addictions mingle with habits, cover clear thoughts. The symptom can turn into the cause.

I‘m an advocate of the aesthetics of club culture and the music it comes along with, such as techno and house. They‘re cultural products that inherit political and aesthetic potential. The aesthetic of escapism, the chemical hedonism, is for some people the only way of  empowerment in late capitalism. In the long run, abused freedom comes at a high price. The dosage makes the poison.

The effects of drug consumption destabilizes mind and body in the long run. Ketamin, MDMA, Speed, Cocaine, Pills, GHB: all of them change us, seven days between the lines are not a phase that enables your body and mind to recreate.
Mixed consumption reached a level, that is like living on borrowed time. The interest you pay is getting higher and higher, as you get higher and higher. Whether you admit it or not, some of the cocktails are simply about playing with the thin line to death. Inhibition is decreasing more and more.

A party is, no matter how high you are, as real as the hang-over way to work or university. The uncanny and morbid is part of the aesthetic of party-life, but it turns to politics, as soon as we rewrite the rules of the game as we please. The seek for boarders has to come to an end.

Every death is a wake-up call. It is a warning for everybody, who gets more and more fucked up.

The game of drugs is a game with a dangerous puppy, that turns into a hungry wolf, as soon as you tantalize it over the top. We are responsible for ourselves, but more than that for each other.

Ask yourself and the people around you: how are you doing? What is happening with and around us?

The reign of escapism is over.

This text is a slightly different version of Wider den Eskapismus.

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