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wolf auf tausend plateaus is happy to join the girls of The EDGED in their showroom and spice up Fashion Week a bit with some nice events and familiar faces. After a little opening party on Tuesday (from 8 p.m. on, hit me up for guestlist), EDGED will not just showcase designers, but also emerging talents from various creative professions.




About the concept: Even though we are living in times of an overhelming flow of information, industries and politics are coined by delusion and disguise. EDGED tries to create awareness of this topic with an installation and a series of events, curated by wolf auf tausend plateaus. We will cure your hangover with The Chick‘s Cakes, CREATURES will chill us down with a small concert, Turkish photographer Eylül Aslan will exhibit her work and on friday a very special group of performers will occupy the showroom in the afternoon.



11 a.m.
Hang-Over Brunch with The Chick‘s Cakes
Lise Mignon, performance artist and freelance baker, will please our tongues with a delicate hang-over breakfast. She will use her cooking skills to treat our tongues well and help you recover. // RSVP via Facebook



creatures press

6 p.m.
Luke Troynar declines to be a singer songwriter. His ambient soundscapes, his sweet voice and the witty lyrics create a bias, where nothing is as sweet as it sounds. // RSVP via Facebook




Whole day
Pop-up exhibition: Eylül Aslan
Reception in presence of the artist: 2 p.m.
Turkish photographer Eylül Aslan started her career accidentally via flickr and is based in Berlin right now. Her images are inbetween escapistic vision and critical examination of feminity. // RSVP via Facebook



2 p.m.Bildschirmfoto 2013-06-28 um 12.30.03

 Performances by Moran Sandervoich, Jalal Noir, Amit Elan and Stephanie Ballantine

Moran Sanderovich, Jalal Noir, Amit Elan, and Stephanie Ballantine make up a emerging collaboration; here they reveal their process by presenting interior characters externally. They converse with themselves individually, preparing for future discussion between one another. Here each member presents a pre-existing ego without alter, stretching symbol and cloth, through movement and non-movement. // RSVP via Facebook




About EDGED:

In January 2011 EDGED started as a showroom and pop-up store in Torstraße. After the huge success in the past, also this season EDGED Showroom has selected a range of designers to present them to buyers, press and a fashion interested crowd. The girls behind EDGED are Jacky Marbach und Christina. After studying fashion design and working with international designers like Alexander McQueen and Barbara I Gongini, Jacky Marbach and Christina Knoll decided to team up and create a platform for young emerging design. Knowing about the challenges young designers and labels face, they established EDGED Showroom to help talented newcomers. With Panatom Gallery, EGDED found a perfect host for this years showroom. The gallery is an independent exhibtion space dedicted to a dialogue between free artistic working methods and applied design. Here, avantgarde design, art and music will merge into an assemblage of creative exchange via fashion.

You want to come around for a drink to the opening on Tuesday? RSVP to kevin@wolfauftausendplateaus.de.

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