CREATURES: Not as sweet as it sounds

creatures pressTo be well-known in Berlin is not a difficult task. In order to gain some recognition, its enough to attend the right parties in a row and have a nice Facebook performance. But what do you actually do then?

Performing on stage, on the other hand, is a harder way to get the attention for what you do. CREATURES (Luke Troynar) was patient and passionate enough to stroll along this path and seems to be straight on his way to a bigger audience. Now armed with the extra power of producer/musician Jonny Zoum, who is currently joining Luke on stage and in the studio, the momentum is building.

Since 2012 Luke made it from some concerts to his first EP in a rather short time. NEW CAMPAIGNS on WaitWhat?Records confronts the listener with a sound that is unexpected for someone who has been through Berlin‘s party life. A strong emphasis on the lyrics, a subtle sound. Not electronic music, but also not really a singer songwriter, as Luke stresses in the interview.

But still, there is a lot of techno in his music, even though you might not hear it on the surface. It’s more the impression of repetitive beats, and a music that invites people to get drugged up weekend after weekend. This impression, the physical and mental realms which intoxicated people can reach with enough chemical input, was partly what inspired Luke to the name of his band. Creatures is what we are, deep inside. Creatures is what you see when you enter a club that is open long enough to get people higher than high. His amused honesty about this topic, as well as others, is enchanting. It is one thing to judge, it is something else to embrace the human condition of things.

For him, Berlin is not a „middleground city“ where being on the edge is the status quo. Seeing the edges inspires Luke to his lyrics. Luke started writing songs back in Melbourne, his hometown. But Berlin catalyzed his creative output and lead it to a new direction. „Berlin is a city that attracts people who are after recognition, at whatever level“, he says. It is his ability to observe and translate his environment, that feeds his texts. The bias between a beautiful melody and witty lyrics, that walk on the edge of cynicism, is the aesthetic that CREATURES is after. Luke Troynar is right, when he says  „it is the most complex thing to make it sound simple.“

His lyrics oscillate between abstract and concrete. The stories he tells are sung in a voice that is both mesmerizing and misleading.

Nothing in his music is as sweet as it sounds.

Find CREATURES on Facebook or see him performing at A READING tomorrow at Chester’s in Kreuzberg.

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