SHIFT: habitat one – an installation of video paintings by Alexander Pohnert

alexander pohnert: habitat one

Even before you enter the current exhibition at SHIFT, you are confronted with the sound scape that accompanies the installation inside. On the evening of yesterdays vernissage, it consisted of chatting voices in front of the venue and a droney bass from inside, where you find two screens and a lot of speakers behind the bar space. Two videos are projected, that are, indeed, like meditative video paintings.

Looking at habitat_01 you follow a bat on its nocturnal journey through a pine forest. Hasty movements generated by the flaring lights.
On the opposite side, habitat_02, a swarm of birds is dancing on a white background. The movement of each bird is fast, but focussing your gaze to the whole group, the movement slows down.

The artist statement claims: „the arena of the dynamic movement between the status as a separable entity and the absence of all limitation is the crucial space in which energy is allowed to play.“

This crucial space unfolds between the screens, not in the visual, but on the audible level. Philipp Marshall‘s soundscapes shape the perception of the room. They have us dive into the whole installation. The sound waves, energy themselves, tickle on your skin, while you watch the screens and make this installation a multifaceted sensation.

At first, I was tempted to think it would be better to see the installation by myself, alone in the room. But every visitor, every chatting voice ordering a beer, is actually part of this scenario. Alexander Pohnert’s „habitat one“ is a meditation on group, on sound, on movement.

And how are we supposed to connect as a group if not through the sounds of our voices so we can move together? To become like the birds in the swarm we have to produce sounds like the bat, so we know where we are.

The show is open till friday daily from 8 p.m. on. Make sure not to miss it!
Finissage and after party will start on friday 10 p.m. with music by Byron Reza (live) and Joshua Ford (Brothers In Love), who made us dance till dawn at the finissage of Triangular Stories! (The effects can last forever).

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