No homos South of Torstrasse!

Strolling through Mitte, I sensed a certain vibe, that was kinda hard to believe. Berlins epicentre of fashionable pretentiousness is turning more and more into a playground for former skaterboys, that may look rather gay, but have no sense for decent homosocial bonding.

Headquarter of this weird vibe was a certain store, that sells menswear south of Torstrasse. This store just had the genius idea to send out a newsletter that just has to sound offensive for an open-minded Berlin audience.

„No worries: No vodka. Just white and red wine. Munich style. (no homo)“

The decency of classy beverages, of course, has to be enjoyed in a strictly homo-free environment. Of all the businesses, a fashion store should know better. Fair enough, even homophobic skaterboys deserve a second chance, but they definitely screwed it with a lame excuse on Facebook:

„To those we may have offended with this very unprofessional and naive choice of words, please be assured that we had no intentions of discriminating against anyone or hurting someone’s feelings.“

This is neither naive nor a small mistake. Raises the question, if some smartass in skinny jeans was so self-satisfied to think: there can’t be any bad PR, come on, I have gay friends!

Well, not anymore.

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